Writing Goals: updated

My writing’s been a bit sporadic lately. Here and there, when I can, when I feel like it. Ha! That will never finish my book.

A few months ago, I participated in the ROW80 challenge for a couple weeks, and the support I got from the other participants was fantastic. It’s time to try it out again, but for the full 80 days (or what’s left of them).

So, my ROW80 goal: write 1,000 words on my book each day. Every day. Sundays being the only exception.

My writing timeline includes not only completing my novel by the end of the year, but also getting Jacob (and a few other amazing people) to review it. I’m a little behind that, but I’m hoping that my ROW80 goal will help get me closer to being back on track.

It’s now 7:04 and I can hear my 3-year-old awake and trying to escape his room. Time’s up for writing. I’ll have to see if I can squeeze in today’s 1,000 words during naptime. Or after he’s in bed.

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