World Domination via Writing

This is my goal:
Write one book per year.
No book signings, but I do book events where TEACH people someting. E.g., if a book has lots of swordfighting, clear a couple parking spots at Barnes & Noble and teach swordfighting.
Lots of book marketing activities. If I have children under 5 at home, I do fewer activities, or more at home through the internet, local activities, etc.
These authors know me personally. We have met over dinner:
- Shannon Hale
– Meghan Whalen Turner
– Jonathan Stroud
– Rick Riordan
- Lani Taylor
I have an active blog to connect with my readers.
I have a tribe of 10,000 fans.

Okay. I know I keep going back and forth over the whole “I’m a writer!” thing, but I’m going to do it. I have a commitment that takes me through next week, then I’m devoting my time to writing.

First: Write the dang thing. DONE. I have a novel. It’s sloppy, lame, incomplete, but it’s a novel.
Second: Write it well. I FOUND MY THEME! YES. Now I’m going through, scene by scene, to see what I’ll keep and what I’ll trash. My rule: nothing stays unless it is relevant to the theme. I hate it when authors blather on about nothing, or when a scene isn’t really needed. Fluff. I don’t want fluffy stories, I want intense, pure stories.
Third: Publish it. Self-publish, e-publish, traditional publish, does it matter? I’m going to get it out there.

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