Why be a writer?

For the Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Writing this past week, I looked at marketing. Kind of. It’s a funny place to start learning about the craft of writing, but last Tuesday I read this amazing article: “BECAUSE AWESOME.” It spoke to me in so many ways. I admire people who can be bold like that, because boldness and personality is difficult for me.

I will be AWESOME for you.

Combining the wisdom of “BECAUSE AWESOME,” Simon Sinek, and other things I’ve been thinking about lately, I’ve decided:

I believe truth makes people happy. I present truth in a way that makes it easier to understand: compelling, non-didactic, and emotional. I happen to write novels.

Still a little stuffy, and the form is clearly imitating Sinek, but it’s a start. My manifesto, as it were.

Because I don’t want to be an ordinary writer. I want to write extraordinary things. I want to write a book that changes people. That I am proud of. Popularity, awards, fame, bestseller status—none of that is important. Helping people become what they want to be and speaking truth is.

I have a long way to go, but that’s why I have my Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Writing: to learn the craft.

This week

I’m studying story design this week, starting with chapter 2 of Robert McKee’s Story. I’m applying what I learn to a YA story I’ve been dabbling on for a while.

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