The Checklist to make my dreams come true

Gather scattered notes, snippets of story, etc, into one massive document. TODAY. RIGHT NOW. Stop blogging, Alicia and do it.

Research: complete timeline

421-end of Thucydides by 9/1/11

Write each person’s story (snowflake)

1 week/person

Look at overall arc, etc. Fix.

1 week

Solidify ending

1 week

Review McKee.

1 week.

Start at beginning and make sure every single thing works w completed ending. delete excess. find holes.

1 week

Husband read/review

2 weeks

fix/review as a whole

1 week

other readers: Mom, Dad, friend, brother-in-law who expressed interest…

have a one sentence “what is this book about” elevator speech prepared so they understand what the book is about, what they’re getting into.

make reading instructions–what to look for, what to mark, etc.

and cookies

post on twitter, facebook, family website, and in emails that I’m looking for readers…

review comments, make changes


find an editor (Mel’s network?, former coworkers from my old copyeditor job?)


cover design, page design

ebook (kindle, nook, etc) publish

print (createspace) publish

query (publishers and agents)

how to write a query letter

write a letter

who to send it to



Mormon Mafia mailing



Gauntlet mailing (throw down the gauntlet to those writers i admire…)



bookrooster reviews? or similar service

ARCs to reviewers/bloggers

blog book tour

marketing campaign

Admittedly, it’s the section I’m in now–the actual writing–that is the most vague, and therefore more challenging to actually accomplish, but it is more concrete in my head.

What do you think I should add or change?

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