Still at the starting gate.

Uggh. I’m having difficulty focusing on writing. Do I go for fiction or nonfiction? Most days, I’m okay with nonfiction. But do I start with a book or articles? The sensible side of me says to go for articles, but I don’t read articles. I don’t like magazines, I think their articles are dumb. Same with newspapers.

And do I develop a niche, like all the writing and business books say to? It’d be smart, there’s no doubt about that. But what should the niche be? Education? Historical writing? Business? At least I generally have it narrowed down to three categories.

Then, I have all these other ideas pop up, like offering to ghostwrite or cowrite books for bloggers. There’s a guy that does commentary on professional Starcraft 2 games. He has over 100,000 followers on youtube. Imagine if I wrote a book for/with him and got, say $5 from every $20 book he sold: if 10% of his audience bought a book, that’s $50,000 for me, and $150,000 for him, minus production costs. Even if you cut it down to 1%, that’s still $5,000 for me and $15,000 for him. Pretty good money.

So books are clearly my interest, but–but, but, but–I just need to sit down and do it. Just write, Alicia. Just write!

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