Self-publishing: vain or amazing?

The publishing world is afflicted with all sorts of upheaval right now, with publishers and booksellers trying to figure out how to deal with e-books and self-publishing.

I think self-publishing is amazing. It gives us readers a whole new world of options, namely: more books to read!

But what about the quality? I hear you ask. Isn’t that what publishers are for, to filter out the bad and ensure only the best are published?

Depends on what you mean by “best” and if that happens to be the same thing a publisher thinks is “best.” Sure, self-publishing will mean proliferation of a lot of really lame and horrible books. But there are so many good books out there that never would have been published–it’s worth suffering the existence of unprofessional books if more authors are allowed to exist.

I just added three blogs to my reader to keep up with self-publishing and ebooks. I already subscribe to The Domino Project, but today I added:

A lot of really good stuff, especially on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. I need to look into it more, but I’m almost convinced to go ahead and forgo traditional publishing. We’ll see. I agree that “publishing is a business, not an ideology.” As a businessperson, which a writer is, I think it will make sense to sometimes go the self-publishing route, sometimes the traditional publishing route. It really depends on how my book is received, both by publishers and by readers.

Overall, though, I am excited about self-publishing, both for myself and other authors.

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