ROW80 challenge and props to Shannon Hale

I discovered the ROW80 challenge about five minutes ago through Twitter (#ROW80). Just what I need to up the ante in my writing.

I’ve been doing well at writing 1,000 words a day in my morning writing hour (two hours, if I’m lucky and the kids sleep in). For the ROW80 challenge, let’s bump that up to 1,500.

In other writing news, Shannon Hale just revealed that she’s cowritten a screenplay based on her book, Austenland, and it’s starting production. Whoohoo, go Shannon! This woman is amazing. Four kids (including a set of newly hatched twins), amazing books (Princess Academy is my favorite), and a great blog that always makes me smile.

My theory: she’s also the head of the Mormon Mafia, which I hope to join as soon as I’m published.

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