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How to plan homeschool…without going crazy


1. Know your goal.

What is your vision for the school year? What methods do you want to use? Having an overview is crucial for homeschooling without going crazy.

2. Know how you kids behave.

Like most kids, mine need breaks between activities. They can handle 1 or 2 worksheets, but after that, they start to go bonkers. They love stories, but after 3, they start to get loud and wiggly. They love being outside, but get bored after half an hour. They don’t do well with two days in a row of a strict school schedule.

So I work with that. I don’t schedule back-to-back worksheets or an hour straight outside. We alternate school days.

3. Have a general outline for the week.

We go to the library every Tuesday and to Grandma’s every Thursday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, our activities follow the same outline:

  • calendar: sing the days of the week song or answer my questions about the days of the week (“What comes after Tuesday?”)
  • scripture memorize.
  • scripture story (same story all week)
    • Monday: watch video (we use the DVD…when it’s not lost. Ahem.)
    • Tuesday: tell the story with flannel board figures (printed from or Chocolate on My Cranium)
    • Wednesday: read the comic (we use the print version, here)
    • Thursday: read the story in the scriptures
    • Friday: the kids tell the story with flannel board figures
  • chore
  • story
  • ABC work (1 letter all week)
    • Monday: Tracing
    • Wednesday: Worksheet
    • Friday: Scavenger hunt (look for things that start with the week’s letter)
  • outside play and snack
  • story
  • math/sensory/other
  • physical activity
  • story
  • individual work (Z: sight words/reading; S: letters/prewriting games)
    • Monday: Sight Word Showdown
    • Wednesday: Hide and seek with sight words/letters
    • Friday: _______
  • art/sensory
    • Monday: painting
    • Tuesday: cut out pictures in magazines with scissors
    • Wednesday:
    • Thursday: play with tools
    • Friday: stamping
  • chore

    • Monday: pick up downstairs
    • Tuesday: vacuum bedrooms
    • Wednesday: pick up downstairs
    • Thursday: clean bathroom sinks
    • Friday: clean game room

The first three steps fill out most of our school schedule.

4. Fill in the blanks. For me, it’s the math/sensory/other activities and the individual work for Friday

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