Privacy Policy and Disclosure

Privacy Policy

I’m no stalker. I am glad you are on my site, but I’m not going to chain you down.

Like any other site, my website does give me statistics of what pages were visited, where some of those visits came from, and what links were clicked on. I do not secretly collect personally identifiable information.

The only personal information I get about you is what you choose to share, whether by signing up (like to an email subscription) or by giving me information when you comment.

I do make use of affiliate links. These links let the companies I’m affiliated with know that you came from my site so, if you choose to buy something there, I get a commission. Some affiliate companies use cookies to do this.


All reviews are my personal opinion, whether they were sponsored or not.

I am affiliated with some companies and get a commission when you click on a link. Anything on the sidebar under “Sponsors” is likely an affiliate link. Likewise, if a post has affiliate links within it, I will say so at the bottom.

At some later point, I may include advertisements on this site. If I do, I’ll get a commission if you click on them.

If you never click on an affiliate link or ad, I still like you! I would like to support this site, but I’d rather have you here than make money.

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