5 tips for guest posting

Pen and Paper
My first guest post has been published on another site!

While I publish at a few sites on the internet (like Gadget Science and FYP, LLC), it’s exciting to publish on someone else’s site.

Tip 1: Have content on your own site

When we asked the site owner about guest posting, she first looked at the site I was posting from (Gadget Science) to see if I’d be a good match for her site. That’s smart business practice. If there was nothing–or nothing worthwhile–on my end, I never would have been able to guest post.

Tip 2: Ask!

We looked at several sites in a specific niche and chose one. It was bigger than the site I was guest posting from, but not hugely so. (Gadget Science is a PR 2, The Homeschool Scientist is a PR 3.)

So we just asked if we could guest post. When she was interested, I sent a more detailed proposal And she said YES!

Tip 3: Put extra effort into the article.

I took time to plan and craft the post. As a guest, the last thing I want to do is make someone else look bad. I made it as clear and concise as possible, with lots of pictures–more than I usually add to posts. It probably took four times as long to write the guest post than it does for my regular articles.

Tip 4: Know their site

The site I was going to be a guest on had lots of hands-on experiments for kids, so that’s the direction I went with the article. I also knew how the site owner would be running the giveaway we were sponsoring. Plus, when I sent the proposal, I highlighted some ways the post was similar to the excellent content already on the site.

Tip 5: Send your readers to their site

This is simple etiquette: I had a post go up on my site the same day my guest post would go up at The Homeschool Scientist. My post did NOT have the same article. Instead, it had a link, a couple pictures, and encouragement to visit their site. After all, while it’s nice to get traffic for your guest post, it’s supremely awesome to drive traffic to someone else’s site. I also posted everywhere else–Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and this site–about my guest post.

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